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Grand Tour du Minett

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Parking CNA Dudelange


Parking CNA Dudelange


99,00 km


3:00 h



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841 Hm

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841 Hm

Visit Minett


100 kilometres of varied routes and roads – lush and interesting nature reserves – UNESCO Biosphere-label approved region – a great cultural programme – a melting pot of history, cultures and societies; let yourself be enchanted by the “Grand Tour du Minett”.

The Minett region also has some highlights on offer for adventurous drivers: Not only industry and history, but also plenty of variety and beautiful vistas. Take a journey of discovery through almost 100 years of some of the most important events in the Grand Duchy and discover how a steadily growing industry turned picturesque landscapes into what closely resembled a lunar landscape - and how nature reclaimed what was stolen from it just a few years ago and turned these landscapes into beautiful nature reserves, teeming with life.

Visit the beautiful countryside with towns and cities like Reckange-sur-Mess, Frisange or the highlight Bettembourg with its animal parc "Parc Merveilleux", or discover the industrial heartland with cities like Differdange, Dudelange or Esch-sur-Alzette and the incredible former industrial site of Esch-Belval.

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Address: Visit Minett
L-3409 Dudelange
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Suggestions nearby

Grand Tour du Minett

  • Le Presbytère

    Where? 1, Rue de la Crosnière, L-4696 Differdingen

    Le Presbytère
  • Minett Trail Kabaisercher_Gonner Haus_Rumelange_Copyright Pulsa Pictures OAI_ORT Sud (5)

    Where? Rue de la Bruyère, L-3714 Rumelange

    Kabaisercher: Haus Gonner
  • A Gadder

    Where? 10, Rue de France, L-4446 Belvaux

    House of culture and history A Gadder

    House of culture and history A Gadder

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  • Where? rue de Rumelange, L-4265 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Nature reserve "Brucherbierg - Lallengerbierg"

    A unique walk among butterflies and orchids

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  • National Mining Museum
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? Carreau de la mine Walert, L-3714 Rumelange

    National Mining Museum

    Underground at the National Mining Museum

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  • Where? rue de la Crosnière, L-4696 Lasauvage

    Nature reserve "Kiemerchen / Scheiergronn / Groussebësch"

    Nature reserve "Kiemerchen / Scheiergronn / Groussebësch"

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  • Waassertuerm Pomhouse

    Where? 1b, rue du Centenaire, L-3475 Dudelange

    Waassertuerm + Pomhouse

    Exhibitions in the heart of Luxembourg’s industrial heritage

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  • Hotel-Restaurant Beierhaascht Room

    Where? 240, Avenue de Luxembourg, L-4940 Bascharage

    Hotel-Restaurant Beierhaascht
    Pets allowedWifiParkingElectric car charging stationsRestaurant
  • Kinepolis Belval

    Where? 7, Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Kinepolis Belval

    Kinepolis Belval

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  • Where? Rue Président J-F Kennedy, L-3249 Bettembourg

    Nature reserve "Um Bierg"

    Nature reserve "Um Bierg"

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  • Hotel-Restaurant Re'serstuff

    Where? 32, Grand-rue, L-3394 Roeser

    Hotel-Restaurant Re'serstuff
  • Kayl_Léiffrächen_copyright ORT Sud (159)

    Where? Rue de la Forêt, L-3620 Kayl

    National Mining Memorial

    The miners of Luxembourg and their victims are remembered here

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  • Documentation Centre for Human Migrations

    Where? Rue Gare-Usines, L-3481 Dudelange

    Documentation Centre for Human Migrations

    Migration history and the background of cultural diversity in Luxembourg - you will learn a lot here

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  • Minett-Park Fond-de-Gras

    Where? 2, Fond-de-Gras, L-4576 Niederkorn

    Minett-Park Fond-de-Gras

    Minett Park Fond-de-Gras: steam train rides and a glimpse of mining

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  • AquaSud Differdange3

    Where? 1, Rue Jeannot Kremer, L-4671 Oberkorn


    Dive into happiness!

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  • Kabaisercher: Parc Merveilleux "Renert"

    Where? Route de Mondorf, L-3260 Bettembourg

    Kabaisercher: Parc Merveilleux "Renert"
  • hn bilder 46 new fassade

    Where? 151, Route de Bascharage, L-4513 Differdange

    Hotel No.151
    WifiParkingBicycle rental
  • Kabaisercher: La Sauvage

    Where? 82, place de Saintignon, L-4698 Lasauvage

    Kabaisercher: La Sauvage
  • Luxembourg Science Center
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? 1, Rue John Ernest Dolibois, L-4573 Differdange

    Luxembourg Science Center

    Explore the wonders of our world

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  • Blast furnace Belval
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Blast Furnace Belval

    A piece of world heritage: The Blast furnaces in the City of Science

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  • Where? rue Titelberg, L-4678 Differdange

    Nature reserve "Prënzebierg - Giele Botter"

    Nature has the final word

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  • Fond-de-Gras_Lasauvage_Espace Museologique_ORT Sud 3

    Where? Place de Saintignon, L-4698 Lasauvage

    Espace Muséologique de Lasauvage

    Travel underground and back in time

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  • Biergemer Kabaisercher

    Where? 14, rue de Schifflange, L-3313 Bergem

    Kabaisercher: Biergemer Kabaisercher
    Situated in the centre of town
  • Mine Grôven

    Where? Rue de Hussigny, L-4580 Differdange

    Mine Grôven

    Visit Differdange’s historic mine

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  • dégustation Visite Brasserie

    Where? 2, Boulevard J.F. Kennedy, L-4930 Bascharage

    Brasserie Nationale (Bofferding & Battin)

    Discover the world of beers from Luxemburg at the Brasserie Nationale (Bofferding & Battin)

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  • Where? rue des Usines, L-3481 Dudelange

    Nature reserve "Haard, Hesselsbierg, Staebierg"

    The largest nature reserve in the country

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  • Kabaisercher: Lénger Schoul

    Where? 41, rue de la libération, L-4797 Linger

    Kabaisercher: Lénger Schoul
  • Youth hostel Esch-sur-Alzette

    Where? 17, Boulevard John F. Kennedy, L-4170 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Youth Hostel Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Where? 116, rue de Luxembourg, L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Cultural Centre "Kulturfabrik"

    A place where talent can grow!

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  • Kabaischen Floater

    Where? rue du centenaire, L-3572 Dudelange

    Kabaisercher: Floater Dudelange
  • Kabaisercher: Gîte Bieles Réideng

    Where? Rue Joséphine Welu-Scherer, L-4429 Belvaux

    Kabaisercher: Gîte Bieles Réideng
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