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Welcome to the Minett Trail

Luxembourg - 11 Kabaisercher - 90 kilometers of hiking

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Adventure awaits

90 kilometers of nature and history are just a short hike away; so take the first step and dive deep into a rich world of biodiversity in the Minett regions nature reserves and find out why this remarkable region is called the "Terres Rouges". Eleven different stages, connecting all of the major cities and tourist hubs of the region, allow you to discover this unique region at your own speed.

Sleep along the trail

The "Kabaisercher" offer unforgettable stays: Ever dreamt of sleeping in a fairytale castle? You're in luck!

Eleven different unforgettable overnight stays await your visit: The "Kabaisercher" have been deeply woven into the fabric of the Minett Trail and are the ideal overnight hiking lodges for weary travelers. Stay a while and listen to the sounds of nature and history. All of them offer a great deal of luxury too, of course.

Impressions from the trail

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Decades in the making

The Minett Trail is a love letter to an ever-changing region looking to (re)define itself, a rediscovery that has long since been coming. Its background as part of a biosphere program member of the UNESCO and its surrounding history make it a fascinating study of how society shapes its environment - and vice-versa.

Get a full overview

Our brochure offers an overview of the entire trail, all of its stages and gives additional details about the "Kabaisercher" accomodations.

You can also find this PDF file as a download in our downloads section.