Kabaisercher: Floater Dudelange
Where? rue du centenaire, L-3572 Dudelange

The "Floater" in Dudelange allows you to spend the night on one of the cooling ponds of the former steelworks

A very unusual "Kabaischen" of the regional hiking trail "Minett Trail" can be found in Dudelange, one of the end (or starting) points of the hike through the Minett region. This hiker's hut, an elaborate steel and wood construction, is situated directly at the water surface. The "Kabaischen" is the unique result of a close collaboration between the artist Franck Miltgen, engineers and architects of M3 Architecture.

The construction is an intersection between sculpture and architecture. The inspiration for its shape was a rock face in the Haard-Hesselbierg-Staebierg nature reserve. A 3D scan was made of the rock face, then later reproduced out of steel and wood for the outside and inside walls.  
The steel front interacts with the water, but also allows a view of the cool water and the surroundings. Since the hiker's hut rests just above the water surface, the ecosystem that has built up under the water surface should not be unnecessarily disturbed. A large picture window allows a fascinating view on the water tower, but those who prefer privacy can relax behind the curtain in one of the available sleeping alcoves. A total of four beds are available.

The background to the "Kabaischen" in Dudelange is once again the region's industrial past. The cooling basin once served as part of the steelworks that processed the ore mined in the surrounding mining areas such as the Haard-Hesselsbierg-Staebierg open-pit mine. Today, the city's "Schmelz" district is a hotspot for culture and history, because there is not only an exhibition center in the form of the former pump house and a museum, but also another place to commemorate the rich history with the "Floater" hiker's hut of the region.

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Address: Floater Dudelange
rue du centenaire
L-3572 Dudelange
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Phone:+352 691 775514
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