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20 Station to station Luxembourg - Bettembourg

Starting point
Luxembourg city train station, Place de la gare, 1616 Luxembourg City
Bettembourg train station, Place de la gare, 3260 Bettembourg
35,24 km
10:30 h
  • Condition
  • Technique
Highest point
336 Hm
Lowest point
-19 Hm
Aggregated Ascent
1107 Hm
Aggregated Descent
1101 Hm
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Challenge yourself and hike from train station to station, from Luxembourg City to Bettembourg

The longest tour of this selection is only suitable for trained ramblers. Except for an early shortcut at the city limits towards Sandweiler-Contern Station and the shortcut to Noertzange station (CFL 20a), reducing the distance by only 1,2km, the route cannot be abbreviated. The present ramble is a beautiful one day trip, passing among others through the Kockelscheier recreational area and leading to the gates of the Minette region in the country's south. The trail mainly follows the Sentier de l'Alzette, a national rambling route. The Alzette river flows through the Grand Duch'y biggest cities. Nature lovers will appreciate the varied landscapes of the little river's meanders. Please provide for sufficient food and drink for this trip!


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