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An incredible place to stay

Stay a while and listen: nature, history and culture are within your grasp with the "Kabaisercher"

Attention: Ongoing works

Due to the tense situation in the building sector, work on the "Kabaisercher" could not finish in time for the big opening. We are working tierelessly trying to get these 11 memorable sites ready for your visit, but you'll have to be patient a little while longer. This also means that we cannot take any reservations, nor comment on the prices and availabilities for the time being.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Find your place to stay

No matter if you're looking to seep in the old water bassin, or on top of one - or much rather prefer to spend the night in an inflatable tent, under the stars? With these one-of-a-kind hiking huts, you'll make some unforgettable memories of a beautiful stay in the Minett Region

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Spend your night in history and luxury

Ever dreamt of spending the night in great luxury in a small fairytale castle? What about sleeping in an elementary school building? Or on top of a water reservoir, or in a trains sleeping compartment? Not sounding very glamorous? We assure you: The "Kabaisercher" of the Minett Trail are a real highlight of the region. These hiking lodges combine a rich and varied past with modern materials, design and technology and will accomodate you in style and comfort.

All eleven different "Kabaisercher" were chosen for their historical link and location, tightly woven into the fabric of the Minett Trail. They consist of historical sites or buildings, renovated to allow their guests to fully enjoy the diversity of the Minett Region. To make these hiking lodges really unique, much care was employed to work together with the national organization of Architects and Engineers ("Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils", OAI) to find the ideal candidates for these ambitious revalorization works.

The Kabaisercher: a history together with the OAI

The syndicate of the regional municipalities Pro-Sud and the OAI (Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers) jointly organised an architectural competition. The aim was to build hiking lodges - one per municipality - along the Minett Trail. By constructing buildings and/or renovating existing structures, extraordinary accommodations for hikers were to be created along the trail.

After a long, almost two-year prospection in the region, by a group of specialists, eleven sites were selected from over 100 proposals in close consultation with each municipality - one site per municipality.

The OAI was then invited to participate in this project, which fits in with its many activities to promote building culture, in order to make it an ambitious, innovative project worthy of a European Capital of Culture.

In compliance with the laws on the preservation of natural and historical heritage, each site was finally selected by each municipality on the basis of the criteria of feasibility, originality and functionality for future guests. These criteria also formed the basis for the evaluation by a multidisciplinary jury of the projects submitted by architectural firms from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The offices were asked to invite artists and architecture students to participate in the design of their projects.

The Minett Region and its hosts await your visit

Other places to stay

A youth hostel, holiday homes or exellent hotels: There's a veritable treasure trove of hotels and hostels waiting for you and your stay in the Minett Region.

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  • Hotel Topaz
    © Hotel Topaz

    Waar? 5, Rue des Remparts, L-4303 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Hotel Topaz
  • de foetz 1 foetz09
    © appVisitLuxemburg

    Waar? 1, rue de l'Avenir, L-3895 Foetz

    Hotel de Foetz - Restaurant am Brill
    Huisdieren toegelatenWifiParkingRestaurant
  • Logis Hotel-Restaurant Cottage
    © Logis Hotel-Restaurant Cottage

    Waar? 10, Rue Auguste Liesch, L-3474 Dudelange

    Logis Hotel-Restaurant Cottage
    Huisdieren toegelatenWifiParkingRestaurant
  • The Seven Hotel Zimmer
    © The Seven Hotel

    Waar? 50, Gaalgebierg, L-4142 Esch-sur-Alzette

    The Seven Hotel
    Huisdieren toegelatenParkingSpaWifiRestaurantFietsverhuur
  • Suite "Sherlock" Clemency
    © Château de Clemency

    Waar? 18, Rue de l'Eglise, L-4965 Clemency

    Kasteel van Clemency - Suite "Sherlock"
    WifiGelegen in het centrum
  • hn bilder 46 new fassade
    © appVisitLuxemburg

    Waar? 151, Route de Bascharage, L-4513 Differdange

    Hotel No.151
  • Hotel-Restaurant Gulliver
    © Hotel-Restaurant Gulliver

    Waar? 58, Rue Nicolas Meyers, L-4918 Bascharage

    Hotel-Restaurant Gulliver
    Huisdieren toegelatenWifiParkingRestaurant
  • Hotel Mia Zia Restaurant
    © Hotel Mia Zia

    Waar? 24, Rue des Alliées, L-4412 Belvaux

    Hotel Mia Zia
  • Hotel Ibis Budget Luxembourg Sud Etap Livange
    © Hotel Ibis Budget Luxembourg Sud

    Waar? Rue de Turi, L-3378 Livange

    Hotel Ibis Budget Luxembourg Sud
    Huisdieren toegelatenWifiParking
  • slider1
    © appVisitLuxemburg

    Waar? 1, rue de la Crosnière, L-4696 Lasauvage

    Hotel-Restaurant le Presbytère