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Discover the RedRockRegion in 24 hours

Experience the diversity of southern Luxembourg on this guided tour

The Land of the Red Rocks is a region of Luxembourg located in the south of the country. It owes its name to the red ore that was behind the success of the steel industry in Luxembourg, back in the industrial era. Today, the former mining area of the Land of the Red Rocks, also referred to as Terres Rouges, was able to find a new identity combining ancient and new technologies.


Steel plants and Fond-de-Gras

The Terres Rouges region is primarily characterized by its industrial culture. The former steelworks were reassigned to serve modern society. Today it is the industry and railway park Fond-de-Gras which recalls this fundamental time in the history of Luxembourg.


University campus and commercial centres

The Land of the Red Rocks encompasses the major commercial cities of Luxembourg, including Dudelange, Esch-sur-Alzette and Differdange. Resolutely modern and trendy, these cities form an urban complex with a young and dynamic atmosphere. Street theatre, rock festivals and concert halls complement cultural offerings. It is also in the Terres Rouges region, in Esch-Belval precisely, that will be created the future campus of the University of Luxembourg. The famous concert hall "Rockhal" in the city of Esch shows how the Land of the Red Rocks managed to give a complex historical past a new image for a modern and changing Luxembourg.


Red earth - a paradise for children

In addition to the many attractions of the former mining area, the Terres Rouges region offers a wide range of activities for children. Crocodiles, snakes, parrots and monkeys are waiting at the Parc Merveilleux of Bettembourg. Hauled by creaking locomotive wagons spitting fire, kids and parents alike discover the underground galleries of the old mines of Rumelange.





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10h30 – 12h30

Discover an interesting variety of historic buildings and architectural details in the city of Esch/Alzette

This circuit stresses the most beautiful buildings of historicism, Art nouveau, Art deco and early Modernism and covers a period from 1880 up to 1930. The promoters were Germans, Belgians, French and Luxembourgers.

The influence of German and Latin architecture is obvious and therefore Esch-sur-Alzette may be rightly considered a crucible of European architecture.

13h00 – 14h00

Relax … enjoy lunch in a "Brasserie"




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Dudelange | Bettembourg | Esch-sur-Alzette

14h00 – 15h30

Exhibition Bitter Years / CNA Château d’Eau

“The Bitter Years” is the last exhibition famous photographer Edward Steichen curated as the Director of the Photography Department of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. It is a testimony to documentary

photography, featuring over 200 images from one of the largest collective projects in the history of photography.

15h30 – 16h00

Enjoy a coffee break @ POMHOUSE

16h30 – 19h00

Time to relax!

Lay back at the swimming pool An der Schwemm Bettembourg

+/- 20h00

Enjoy a fabulous Dinner.

Still not enough? Go for a show at the theatre in Esch/Alzette.




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  • Municipal Theatre Esch-sur-Alzette

    Where? 122, rue de l'Alzette, L-4010 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Escher Theater

    Escher Theater

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  • Waassertuerm Pomhouse
    © Steichencollections CNA
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? 1b, rue du Centenaire, L-3475 Dudelange

    Waassertuerm + Pomhouse

    Exhibitions in the heart of Luxembourg’s industrial heritage

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